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Nankeng Demonstration Community

2021-01-28 16:14:17 mana 113

The construction of sustainable development demonstration block is not only the key path to realize sustainable development in the future, but also the key way to realize modern social governance. In 2020, based on the full investigation of the city, district and streets, Longgang science and Innovation Institute of sustainable development selected Nankeng community, Bantian street, Longgang District, Shenzhen to build the first sustainable development demonstration community. Through professional research, carding and construction, we initially completed the sustainable development demonstration community version 1.0, and formed the first draft of the evaluation standard for sustainable ecological community.

In October 2020, the Nankeng demonstration community project was officially launched, and the sustainable development research institute focused on building the "Nankeng model" version 1.0 of the sustainable development demonstration block. Through the five dimensions of clothing, food, housing, transportation and humanistic awareness, and 28 indicators, the Research Institute conducted a 360 degree online and offline survey on community residents and stakeholders. More than 3400 valid questionnaires were collected as the basic data, and the total amount of data reached 10% of the total number of residents in Nankeng community. In November, a total of four round table meetings of Nankeng Zhihui community were held. Representatives of Nankeng community government, enterprises, NGOs, the elderly, women and children, and social work organizations were invited to discuss the theme of building an inclusive, safe, disaster resistant and sustainable community. Combined with the survey data, 240 community problems were sorted out and a preliminary community problem model was formed Single. At the same time, academician Chen Jun of Chinese Academy of engineering is invited to visit Nankeng community to guide the construction of sustainable demonstration street, explain the sustainable development of community, share international excellent cases, and put forward unique opinions on the integration mode of community and sustainable development in the future. In December, the research institute collated and summarized the results of the preliminary construction of the demonstration community, formed Nankeng community database, community problem list, community governance standard system and community sustainable development roadmap, and refined the "n + 1 + 1 + n" operation mode according to the "Nankeng mode" version 1.0, which was solved through the innovation scheme of sustainable development community governance and the transformation of innovative technology In 2020, sustainable development and International Youth Innovation Forum officially released the "Nankeng model" of sustainable development demonstration community.