We SDGs Workshop

2021-01-22 17:31:21 sisd 76


Project background

At present, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15-24 in the world, accounting for 16% of the global population. By 2030, the number of young people is expected to grow by 7% to nearly 1.3 billion. As young people increasingly demand more just, equitable and increasing opportunities and solutions in society, the need to address the multifaceted challenges faced by young people is more urgent than ever.

We sdgs are designed to provide protection, support and platform for young people. We sdgs have a unique position, through which young people can meet their needs, amplify their voice and enhance their participation.

Project brief

We sdgs workshop aims to cultivate Chinese youth's awareness of sustainable development and entrepreneurial thinking by means of workshops and mentors, and contribute innovative solutions to social sustainable development. We sdgs workshop encourages and cultivates youth organizations to hold their own workshops to enhance their creativity and problem-solving ability in practice. After participating in online or offline workshops, young people can apply to become we sdgs mentors and obtain we sdgs toolkit. After learning the materials in the toolkit, we can carry out we sdgs workshops with the help of us and our partners to the youth groups around us. Young people who successfully hold more than two workshops will be awarded the title of we sdgs tutor and ambassador. In addition, we sdgs workshop also provides community training, enterprise training and youth training to effectively enhance the awareness and ability of stakeholders.

Project objectives

To provide young people with tool kits, professional guidance, learning and exchange opportunities, to cultivate young people's new skills and employability to adapt to the survival of the 21st century by the mode of interactive experiential learning, and to enhance their sense of responsibility for practical actions for sustainable development.

The workshop is a training workshop with bottom-up theme, local design, strong interaction, and emphasis on participation experience, so as to enhance youth's awareness of sustainable development and cultivate entrepreneurial thinking.

Establish a youth community with wide coverage and close ties, provide a platform for the exchange, connection and mutual inspiration among young people, enable young people to participate in social innovation and entrepreneurship more actively, and help realize the process of sustainable development.

Main activities

We sdgs workshop: we sdgs workshop invites young people to discuss the path of sustainable development and set institutionalized themes according to the characteristics of the city where the workshop is located. We sdgs workshop topics include: sustainable development goals, social innovation and entrepreneurship, and more theme workshops are under development. At the same time, we sdgs encourage and train youth organizations to hold workshops on sustainable development goals, so as to enhance their creativity and problem-solving ability in practice, and make small partners change from participants to organizers. Excellent we sdgs youth have the opportunity to become workshop mentors and even ambassadors.

Cultivate and support we sdgs youth community: establish we sdgs youth online platform, so that young people can still keep close contact with partners after participating in we sdgs workshop. We sdgs youth community is linked with other youth activity platforms around the world to enable partners to contribute to sustainable development in the international context.

We sdgs partners: we sdgs project partners, including government agencies, private sector, youth organizations and educational institutions, cooperate to develop, carry out and promote workshops to reach a wider range of youth groups and ensure that no one is left behind.

Activity introduction

We sdgs workshop will focus on 17 sustainable development goals, social innovation and entrepreneurship, youth skills training and other topics, and the content will be designed according to the actual situation of China. While providing training, the project focuses on training young volunteers to spontaneously organize we sdgs workshops. Young people are not only participants of the workshops, but also organizers of the workshops. With our help and guidance, they undertake the dual tasks of organizers and discussion collaborators.