Planning of Zhihui Valley

2021-02-04 09:28:06 mana 36

In order to support the development and growth of enterprises, the park will actively build a supply and demand docking platform for enterprises.

To provide you with business registration, policy consultation, talent recruitment, enterprise training and other one-stop services.


High specification power supply configuration, high standard load-bearing

Professional equipment lifting port, convenient for large-scale machine and cargo transportation

The passenger and freight elevators are separated, and the freight elevators are loaded with 3 tons, with sufficient capacity

The first floor is 5 meters high, and the second floor is 4 meters high, providing you with more expansion space!


The greening rate in the park reaches 16%. On the basis of meeting the needs of production and research, the park has a high greening rate.

Build an oxygen enriched green ecological office environment for you, and continuously stimulate the enterprise's production and research vitality and innovation abilit.