Yuanshan Zhihui Valley

2021-02-04 09:29:55 mana 94

Yuanshan Zhihui Valley (Jianlong north area comprehensive renovation project) is another measure to respond to the construction of "two zones" in Shenzhen by operating the old industrial park under unified rent and promoting the "industry to industry" mode. The project will be divided into start-up area and bearing area, which will be transformed by stages. Among them, the total area of the start-up area is about 22000 m2, and the total building area is about 34000 m2, including three factories and three dormitories.

As a full life cycle industrial complex integrating R & D, office work, exhibition and leisure, Yuanshan zhihuigu has reached a strategic cooperation with science and technology innovation Sustainable Development Research Institute, which will focus on the introduction of emerging industries such as electronic information, aerospace, new generation information technology and smart city, and rely on the industrial foundation and Development Zone in the east of the bay area To build a sustainable technological innovation demonstration park with independent innovation, industry university research integration and interactive circulation.






In addition, within 5km of the park, there are Wal Mart, Longgang Xinghe coco Park and Sam's club for you to shop happily; in terms of sports and leisure, there are Daiwa Sports Center, Yuanshan sports center and the planned doumenshan Park, which are good places after work.