Shanxi Society for Sustainable Development

2021-02-24 17:44:52 mana 39


Shanxi Society for sustainable development was established in July 2005. It is a joint, academic, provincial and non-profit non-governmental social organization composed of experts, scholars and practical workers who are interested in sustainable development research, management and technology promotion. It is a member unit of Shanxi Society for science and technology.

1、 Development goals

Guided by the United Nations 2030 sustainable development agenda (sdgs), with the mission of serving the great practice of transformation and reform and sustainable economic and social development in Shanxi under the new situation, and providing intellectual support and platform support for governments and social groups at all levels, the society aims to unite experts, scholars and practical workers in Shanxi Province to promote sustainable development, implement transformation and reform, and promote economic development We should make positive contributions to the high-quality development of our society.

2、 Direction of work

1. Organize industry experts and scholars to carry out special research on major issues of sustainable development in our province, such as resource development, environmental protection, emergency disaster reduction and social governance; actively carry out academic exchanges to provide scientific decision-making basis for the government, provide intellectual support for industry development, provide technology innovation platform for Industry, and provide publicity, education and training platform for the public;

2. Learn from the successful experience of domestic brother provinces and cities in the field of sustainable development, explore the effective practice mode of sustainable development in Shanxi Province, build a platform for the introduction and transformation of scientific research achievements, and make contributions to the prosperity of sustainable development science and technology in Shanxi Province;

3. Actively carry out domestic and international cooperation, participate in domestic and international academic exchanges and conferences, take scientific and technological innovation as the core, and carry out docking and cooperation with frontier science and technology, innovation platform and technological resources closely related to Shanxi's transformation and sustainable development;

4. To set up other social undertakings in line with the constitution of the association and conducive to sustainable development.

3、 Personnel composition

The members of the society are mainly divided into government units, scientific research institutes, non-governmental organizations, social organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises and other personnel, who have certain influence in the field of sustainable development and are enthusiastic about the work of the society. The professional fields and categories of members are as follows:

(1) Think tank type:

1. Resources and environment; 2. Science and technology policy; 3. Economic society; 4. Social development theory research (especially sustainable development related concepts and ideas).

(2) Technical type:

1. Efficient use of resources (urban renewal, urban planning, efficient use of land resources, waste free city, etc.); 2. Environmental protection technology; 3. People's livelihood and welfare (education, medical care, health care and leisure, etc.); 4. Strategic emerging industry technology (new energy, intelligent equipment, detection, information network and big data, etc.); 5. Social governance (smart city, disaster reduction and emergency safety, transportation, etc.).

(3) Enterprise type:

The professional fields include: new materials, new energy, environmental protection, biopharmaceuticals, financial investment, information technology, education, etc.