Shenzhen Federation of Youth Enprepreneurship Promotion

2021-02-24 17:44:10 mana 77

Founded in 2014, it is the first municipal social organization to promote youth entrepreneurship and employment under the guidance of Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League. The Youth Innovation Association is a public welfare and service-oriented organization, which provides one-stop comprehensive services for young people with the service concept of "creation, opening and sharing".

As a new link directly connecting with the youth and an effective platform for serving the youth, since its establishment, the youth entrepreneurship association has been building a "3 + 1" entrepreneurial ecosystem closely around the guideline of "promoting employment by entrepreneurship, serving the overall situation, and serving the youth", namely: "platform for transfer and transformation of technological achievements", "one-stop fund service platform", "platform for all-round management and improvement of talents" and "innovation platform" Other service platforms. To provide all-round support for member enterprises from the aspects of technology, capital, talents, policies, etc., to help enterprises grow rapidly at all stages of enterprise entrepreneurship and development, effectively promote youth entrepreneurship and employment, and actively explore "youth development city" to contribute youth strength to the urban construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.