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What is ecovadis?

Ecovadis originated from France, and its predecessor was tfs-ci ("working together to achieve sustainable development" - global chemical alliance), UN Global Compact (United Nations Global Compact) and IPE The public environment research center and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) build a system platform which is specially applied to the downstream international supply chain management organizations. It combines all the organizational governance projects except quality in the operation of enterprises. According to the enterprise's different scale and industry ownership, it conducts comprehensive evaluation by online submission. The evaluation system mainly focuses on the overall situation of the company organization It includes the following five aspects: situation, environment, labor human rights, business integrity and sustainable procurement.

Ecovadis aims to leverage the impact of global supply chains to improve the company's environmental and social practices. Ecovadis provides a collaborative platform for customers and suppliers to help enterprises audit the environmental and social performance of their suppliers worldwide, covering more than 150 business areas and distributed in more than 120 countries. At present, ecovadis solution has been selected by major multinational companies in the world to audit their suppliers in more than 95 countries and regions. With the society paying more and more attention to environment and human rights, especially since the operation of the platform in 2008, ecovadis SP evaluation system with high credibility has been fully accepted and recognized by the world's top 500 and all transnational and high-end customers. Since 2014, online audit of Chinese suppliers has become increasingly obvious. Only in China, there are at least 1000 companies submitting information and online auditing on its platform every month, but the score rate in China is relatively low, and the average score has been hovering between 39-41. The main reason is that the requirements / standards of enterprises are not clear, and it is difficult to find professional consulting companies in China for guidance. Ecovadis mainly uses enterprises to submit self-evaluation data, which are uniformly entered into the system platform. The final evaluation of enterprise society, environment, labor human rights and other aspects is carried out by all aspects of the evaluation team, and the final comprehensive score is given by the system after 6-8 weeks.

The "together for Sustainability (TFs)" initiative was jointly developed by the chief purchasing officers of the following six multinational companies in 2011: BASF, Bayer, Evonik industries, Henkel group, Lansheng and Solvay. All member enterprises strive to achieve sustainable development goals and support the principles of the UN Global Compact and responsible care. This means that enterprises are not only concerned about themselves, but also about the environment, society and good management practices of suppliers in the operation process. The initiative aims to increase the transparency of sustainable development standards in the supply chain of the chemical industry and coordinate the consistency of these standards. Tfs-ci requires the audit organization to upload the social responsibility audit data of its subordinate suppliers to ecovadis data platform.

Why do large multinational companies use ecovadis SP monitoring system?

For large multinational companies, managing the environmental and social risks from suppliers is a very difficult problem. Complex regulations, coupled with the rapid development of environmental and social standards, increase the difficulty of corporate social responsibility (CSR) audit. Through this system, suppliers and customers share information, speed up the process, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of information.

Why does my company need to be monitored and audited by ecovadis?

One or more customers have asked to monitor your company's CSR performance:

1. Your company is one of their important strategic suppliers, or it is because of the purchase volume cooperating with your company or the importance of the products or services provided by your company.

2. Is your company a new supplier? Your customer may require the supplier to be monitored by ecovadis as a prerequisite for signing the contract. Is your company already a supplier to a customer? Your customer may request that you be monitored by ecovadis as part of the overall management performance review of your company.

3. You may also need to meet customer requirements, understand your CSR practice and location, and communicate with your customers and partners through the tool.

What is the purpose of ecovadis audit?

Ecovadis audit is the first step of CSR monitoring. The purpose of ecovadis audit is to have a clear understanding of your CSR performance (i.e. environment, labor and human rights, business ethics, sustainable purchasing). Ecovadis audit results can help you understand the company's location, and you can also use the audit results to explain your company's CSR commitment to the enterprise's stakeholders. As more and more customers are more and more concerned about the environment and CSR performance of suppliers, eco VADIS CSR audit can help you meet the requirements of customers.