Training Plan

Talent Training Plan

2021-01-23 21:51:12 sisd 26

A. Youth leader training program

Participants: young entrepreneurs, young leaders of innovation and Entrepreneurship

Training content: explanation by senior experts | investigation of German benchmark enterprises | investigation of authoritative research institutions | innovation ability training

Training form: under the background of sustainable development and Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, experience German advanced technology enterprises, complete learning tasks, innovation projects, achievement reports, etc.

B. Enterprise management business improvement plan

Training objects: senior managers of enterprises, persons in charge of sustainable development of enterprises, social responsibility managers of enterprises, etc

Training content: sustainable development standards and enterprise quality improvement, leadership promotion, awareness promotion; green frontier technology;

Training form: offline centralized teaching, domestic and foreign institutions visit.

C. Senior technical personnel skills improvement plan

Participants: intermediate technical personnel and senior technical personnel;

Training content: safety standard training, quality inspection, standard system evaluation, etc

Training form: through the introduction of cutting-edge technology, case analysis and discussion of advanced technology, quality standard system related training in the production process.

D. China Germany industrial sustainable development promotion plan

Participants: heads of government departments

Training contents: experiences and practices in the field of sustainable development; industrial upgrading of intelligent manufacturing between China and Germany; mode and technology of advanced laboratory; training contents: experience and practices in the field of sustainable development;

Training form: Based on the background of German industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, it adopts various forms such as classroom lectures, special lectures, case analysis, on-site investigation at home and abroad.



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