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WeSDGs - Sustainable Development Technology Collaborative Innovation Platform

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WeSDGs is the first one in China to promote technological innovation in the field of sustainable development based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ typical projects and technological achievements in the field of sustainable development. WeSDGs is solve the bottleneck and weakness in the field of urban sustainable development, taking regional science and technology collaborative innovation as the major focus, attracting global innovation resources in the field of sustainable development, building a regional collaborative innovation network for sustainable development from the list of problems, based on Shenzhen to tell a good Chinese story.


Concept: scientific and technological innovation promotes the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Vision: build a pioneer platform for 2030 sustainable development.


Technology (SDGs-Tec):

WeSDGs is oriented to the field of sustainable development, and its technical resources are mainly concentrated in: environmental protection, efficient utilization of resources, big health (bio pharmaceutical), social governance (smart city, sponge City, carbon neutral city, resilient City, etc.), and the typical case achievements of sustainable development (domestic and international) resources.


Project section:

1. WeSDGs workshop: gathering future industry resources, participate in activities and competitions of sustainable social forces at domestic and abroad, and serve sustainable innovation resources at the same time. Specifically, it includes: list of problems in the field of urban sustainable development, round-table storm, scene application, entrepreneurship roadshow, maker challenge, Pioneer Award for sustainable development, and regional sustainable collaborative innovation.

2. WeSDGs Technology Factory: to achieve the introduction of advanced technologies in the future oriented sustainable fields such as environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology and smart city, assist the industry to form a new sustainable product supply chain and market, and promote local enterprises to go out and participate in technology trading and cooperation. It includes: patent application of sustainable technology, transformation of sustainable scientific and technological achievements and green technology transaction.

3. WeSDGs venture capital: focus on sustainable technology incubation, help industry to form the investment channels for projects and technologies in green and sustainable finance; to attract financial institutions and private capital to participate in project investment in sustainable development; focus on family management office to promote private capital to participate in sustainable development projects. Including: green finance, sustainable Finance and industrial fund Seed fund, etc.

4. WeSDGs Academy: relying on open courses, online courses, custom programs, etc. to carry out customized sustainable development education and training. It includes: sustainable development technology resource development plan, expert resource development plan, talent training plan, project study tour plan, third party evaluationrecommendation plan, and joint laboratory plan, etc.



Building the interactive between sustainable development of urban resources, industrial park resources, and industry resources. 

Technology team + online technology resources release.

Specified technology process: sustainable technology collection (online + offline) - technology evaluation and classification (offline) - technology team entering the park (offline) - technology release and achievement transformation (online + offline) - technology promotion (online + offline).



International partners and working platforms covering central Europe, Japan, South Korea, North America, Asia Pacific and other regions; the domestic partners are mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Taiyuan.